Cattedrale di Foligno

The cathedral of St. Feliciano rising from the spot that hosts the sepulcre of this martyred saint from the third century. After the construction of a smal church above this tomb, construction began for a real and proper cathedral, consacrated in 1146. Through a series of transformations and additions that start with the construction of the second facade inspiring the adoption of a latin cross plan (1201) to the raising of the cupola (Baccio d’Agnolo in 1543), one arrives to the final version in neoclassic style, authored by Piermarini 1772. The great earthquake of 1997 caused serious structural damage to the entire complex, and the related restoratoin proved to be one of the most complex operations seen in Italy in recent years. It involved the entire edifice which had to be completely covered in scafolding both inside and out in order to permit an operation that was both structural (from the tip of the bell tower  to the facade of the principal navata to the high corners and arches of the cupola, etc.) as well as the decorative conservation (from the wood altapieces to the plaster decor, frescoes, statuary and paintings).




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